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Reader's Digest

I lead the full rebuild of the Reader's Digest publishing platform; including frontend website, admin/CMS, Mobile app and infrustructure. This included the building of all new elements from scratch and a large migration from their existing system. The platform has custom implemented analytics & reporting as well as integrations with content syndication platforms such as Apple News.

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DirtbikeXpress is a leading retailer for motocross products un the UK. Since the launch of the new website and admin area in early 2023. I have lead the development & infrastructure management of the custom e-commerce platform and its integrations including Xero, GoogleMerchant, Algolia, RoyalMail, DPD and more.

DBX Image

Unum Behavioural Health

As the lead developer, I have spearheaded the mobile app development for the Unum Behavioural Health app, which is now readily accessible in the US app stores. Our team utilised React Native to construct the app, and we also integrated it with a variety of other services. Throughout the process, I collaborated closely with the Version1 team to bring the app from the planning phase to a fully functional product, while adhering to the stringent guidelines and practices established by the client.

Unum BH
Unum Behavioural Health

Overwatch Research

For slightly more than two years, I contracted as an overflow resource for Overwatch, contributing to the development of all-in-one experimental tracking software for in vivo research. Working closely with their in-house team, I utilized Laravel and ReactJS to help construct various components of the system.

Overwatch Research Logo
Overwatch Research App
Overwatch Research App


Docbloc, a startup that is currently in its initial stages, aims to compete with established names like Swagger in the realm of building and maintaining API documentation software. The software is constructed using Laravel as the API and a React (NextJS) frontend. As the lead developer and co-owner of Docbloc, I oversee various aspects of the project, including development, infrastructure, and DevOps.

Docbloc - REST api documentation tool

Pebble - Till

I served as the lead developer for the Till app, which was created to complement Pebble, a point of sale system utilized by schools and colleges. This app provides a user-friendly method for students, parents, and staff to handle catering payments by allowing them to pay at the till and check their balances and purchases from any location. To develop this app, our team utilized Flutter and integrated it with Pebble's APIs. Additionally, we employed AWS Cognito for authentication purposes.

Pebble Till Home screen
Pebble till app user screen

Goodtill Loyalty

The project centered around developing a loyalty and food ordering application for Goodtill, a company owned by SumUp. In addition to constructing the primary loyalty app, the contract also entailed customizing the app with Goodtill branding for interested customers who wished to have their own personalized version of the app.

Goodtill by Sumup goodies app
Goodtill Goodies app image


I created Snippet, an open-source developer tool, utilizing TypeScript. As a Visual Studio Code extension, it has amassed just shy of 50,000 downloads as of my writing this. Moreover, I'm actively involved in the process of adapting this tool for other popular IDEs, including but not limited to IntelliJ and Atom

Snippet VScode extension

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