Infrastructure & DevOps

Server management and Deployment automation

A secure and fast server-side setup is a vital aspect of the web and app development process. Additionally, automation in product deployment is necessary to ensure seamless future updates.

With my extensive experience in secure server setup and management, I can provide a solid foundation for your project. Furthermore, I can create deployment scripts both locally and utilizing external CI tools to ensure smooth and efficient updates.

My Infrastructure and DevOps development solution includes:

  • Infrastructure design and management
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Automation and monitoring
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Cloud migration and management
  • Security and compliance

I've completed projects that required work in the following areas:

  • AWS Cloudformation, Code Deploy and Fargate
  • LEMP Server setup, optimisation and security
  • Docker & Kubernetes setups
  • Samba, Redis & setup and management
  • CircleCi Testing & Deployment Setup
  • Custom bash deployment scripts
  • SSL and server access setup
  • API Deployments Using Laravel Forge & Vapor

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