Application Security, QA testing and Auditing

Application Testing, Security Implementations and Code Compliance

Application Security, QA testing and Auditing describes monitoring and implementing security measures at all levels of the project that aim to prevent data or code from being stolen or used for anything other than its intended purpose. It encompasses the security considerations that happen during application development and design, but it also involves systems and approaches to protect apps after they get deployed as well as maintaining a high level of code standards that comply with industry standards.

Working on a large number of projects as the lead developer, I've often been responsible for application testing, security implementations and code compliance checking to make sure that all work is delivered to the highest standards.
My experience is as follows:

  • Code approval (Approving/Rejecting code and providing insights as well as suggestions for better code)
  • Writing unit, e2e, console and http tests.
  • Stress testing, Load testing and benchmarking using Siege.
  • Penetration testing, CSRF implementation, request throttling.
  • Sentry and LogStash integration for error monitoring
  • API performance testing and documentation using postman and clockwork
  • Frontend performance & PWA analysis using google lighthouse
  • Bundle analysis
  • API Documentation using OpenApi (Swagger), Postman and Docbloc

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